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The Gangster's Daughter

Growing up in the perilous role of the daughter of a known gangster, Regan De Luca is not the same person she once was. Now, her father is in danger and taking a sabbatical in hiding, and it’s leaving her in immediate danger as his only heir. Regan has tried to stay out of his business-dealings, but she can’t escape the fact that she is his only child. Now, she faces the role of a soon-to-be wife to a man she has never met and it’s the role of a lifetime.

Regan goes into hiding to escape the threat of danger, unexpectedly meeting Cameron Moretti. His charm and possessiveness give her more threat than the danger she faces as she falls fast for him. Her past is catching up with her, bringing more danger to her doorstep.

Regan has no choice to marry a man that she has never met because of who she is. But can she give up the man who stole her heart to marry another?