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The Gangster's Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves another chance . . .


After escaping a life of crime, Riley Parker is always trying to stay one step ahead of her junkie mother's adopted son. If David had his way, she would be under his control and still stealing from people. Through hard work and determination, Riley now uses her thieving expertise as a private investigator, rescuing stolen dogs on the side in secret.

When Riley is assigned to investigate the missing dog of a well-connected pop superstar, she leaps at the chance to prove herself worthy of the task. Then David tracks her down once again, using his manipulating ways to pull her back into his life, except this time, it strangely has everything to do with her latest assigned case. Rescuing this dog could mean a risk she's never faced before.

Riley doesn't intend to fall headlong into love with the one of the gang members she's trying to rescue the dog from. But like herself, Ty Cavanaugh is no ordinary criminal.

Despite the threats Riley faces now and from her past, she struggles to allow Ty to get close enough to her. Will he convince her he can protect her now and for the rest of their lives?

The Gangster's Mistake

The Duke's Daughter

Things are not always what they seem . . .


Evie has lived most of her life in the shadows, hiding from a father who punishes her at every turn. She has promised herself to avoid marriage and do whatever is necessary for her little brother to be safe and keep the title amidst a country of unrest. When her father hires an assassin to take her away, forcing her to leave her home and little brother, Evie doesn't stop fighting. Even when it can't possibly get worse.


Xander travels to southern England under orders of the new king to arrest the Earl of Westerbury, and keep his family safe. He is not like any other man Evie has known and he has the same goal as her to not wed. There is something about him that draws her to him, something that she is unfamiliar with. When their lives change course, Evie finds a new way to make sure her brother gets what belongs to him while ensuring she does not have to take a husband.


Evie has come up with the perfect plan to remain unwed and ensure her brother keeps his title until she finds out the new king may be more to her than she thought. She sets out to confront the new king, with Xander close behind. Evie's journey and what she finds at the end may change everything.


The Duke's Daughter

The Gangster's Daughter

Dangerous Games Have Consequences…


Growing up in the perilous role of the daughter of a known gangster, Regan De Luca is not the same person she once was. Now, her father is in danger and taking a sabbatical in hiding, and it’s leaving her in immediate danger as his only heir. Regan has tried to stay out of his business-dealings, but she can’t escape the fact that she is his only child. Now, she faces the role of a soon-to-be wife to a man she has never met and it’s the role of a lifetime.

Regan goes into hiding to escape the threat of danger, unexpectedly meeting Cameron Moretti. His charm and possessiveness give her more threat than the danger she faces as she falls fast for him. Her past is catching up with her, bringing more danger to her doorstep.

Regan has no choice to marry a man that she has never met because of who she is. But can she give up the man who stole her heart to marry another?

The Gangster's Daughter