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The Gangster's Mistake

After escaping a life of crime, Riley Parker is always trying to stay one step ahead of her junkie mother's adopted son. If David had his way, she would beunder his control and still stealing from people. Through hard work and determination, Riley now uses her thieving expertise to rescue stolen dogs.


When David tracks her down once again, he uses his manipulating ways to pull her back into a life of crime, except this time, it has everything to do with her latest assigned case. Rescuing this dog could mean a risk she's never faced before.


Riley doesn't intend to fall headlong into love with the one of the gang members she's trying to rescue the dog from. But like herself, Ty Cavanaugh is no ordinary criminal.


Despite the threats Riley faces now and from her past, she struggles to allow Ty to get close enough to her. Will he convince her he can protect her now and for the rest of their lives?