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Writing Organizations


This blog is about writing organizations. Ones that I'm part of (and one that I should, but am not yet). These have helped immensely in my writing career, if anyone is thinking about taking the plunge into writing either on the side or seriously. I've met a lot of terrific people through some of these channels, read a lot of great articles and learned so much.


Writer's Digest

I've subscribed to Writer's Digest magazine longer than I've had their website bookmarked. They have a plethora of information for every kind of writer imaginable. Do you want to write a screenplay? Having trouble with writing a villain? It's almost like writers helping writers. Not only that, but they have webcasts you can sign up for. Some are free and some are expensive. I've signed up for a few with author Jane Friedman for a fairly insignificant amount of money. The good thing is if you can't make it to the live webcast, you'll get a link to the recording and the materials after the webcast, so you have lost no money if you missed it. Like I did the first one because the time was Eastern Standard Time. Whoops. This one ranks as one of my top writing organizations, and that might be because I've been with them for so long. I even took a Writer's Digest School after high school. I'll spare you the year it was. Wouldn't want to age myself or anything.


Author's Guild

The Author's Guild is fairly new to me. I just became a member at the tail end of last year, but after I did so, I was pleased to find out they offered website services. You can build your website to see what it looks like (which looks pretty nice). After I did a little more research, I found I could save hundreds of dollars-yes, hundreds-by switching from Bluehost to The Author's Guild and I could have all the same features. The only thing I don't have is a pop-up, but people can still sign up for my emailed newsletter. Unfortunately, that isn't working as well as it did. Alas, I still have zero subscribers. I might decide to cancel my newsletter for the foreseeable future. I haven't decided yet.


Women's Fiction Writers Association

This is also a newby to me. I signed up around the same time as I signed up for The Author's Guild. BUT, I've been building relationships via the Facebook group and networking, so this seems to be a pretty wonderful organization. This is just as it says: Women's Fiction Writers. Those who are aspiring, just getting started, or those who have published work already out. I love the fact that authors, no matter if indie or traditionally published, support one another.


Romance Writers of America

This is an organization that I need to join. I've looked at it multiple times. The annual membership is reasonable ($99 annually), but I just don't have enough money to do it right now. My income is extremely low until I sell more books. Sales have been bonkers slow the last few months. Romance Writers of America (RWA) is like The Author's Guild and Women's Fiction Writers Association (WFA). It's networking  and advocating, but it's specific to the romance genre. There are other organizations out there for mystery writers, horror writers, etc.



I've mentioned this one before in previous blogs. There's two parts to Reedsy. Reedsy Marketplace where I found the best editor in the world (okay, to ME she's the best) and I'm lucky to have found her. If you're looking for editing help, whether it's developmental, copy editing or proofreading, or maybe you're looking for a cover artist or someone to do illustrations for your book. Looking for a ghostwriter? Reedsy Marketplace is like other services like Fiverr, where you find professionals for hire. As with hiring anyone to do any work, ask for references unless they're already provided and sample work, and anyone who is doing any kind of editing for you should track any changes and not just making changes on your work willy-nilly. The other part of Reedsy is Reedsy Blog, which is like Writer's Digest, where you can get all kinds of help with writing.


Writer Beware

And last but definitely not least, Writer Beware. Victoria Strauss puts out blogs, and anyone else can jump in and call a scammer out, to bring awareness to those out to scam writers. The world is heavy with people trying to scam people these days. It's ridiculous. I see it all over with art and craft festivals, and it makes me want to puke that people are targeting small businesses. I mean, no one should scam anyone, but these are people who are fighting for their livelihood-like me-who have extremely small margins. We are fighting to keep our businesses open. I've been the recipient of emails from people who may, or may not have, tried to scam me. I use this handy-dandy website to make sure. It's not always on the website, but there is a Facebook group, too. All you've gotta do is ask!


These are my top writing organizations I love, some I couldn't live without and some I just enjoy. If you're a writer or looking to write, there are plenty of organizations out there. It just takes research, which you're probably already doing if you're writing.

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