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Keeping Track of Books Read


Keeping Track of Books I've Read: How do I do it?   


That's a good question. One that I've only recently, sometime in the last year, given thought to. After having started reading a book that seemed familiar, I discovered I'd read the book before. Time to keep track.


Favorite Authors

The easiest way to keep track is by my favorite authors. Some of my favorite authors, I've read every book, so if a new book comes out, I know. Simple. I have all the books by Kathleen Woodiwiss. She was probably the greatest historical romance writer ever. And unfortunately, she's no longer with us, so the books I have are all that there will ever be. It's those authors in between that are harder to keep track of.



Another way is series. Like favorite authors, yes, but also series. I have every book in the Outlander series, but I know I have the last one to read. I try to get into a series that are already established so I don't have to wait for the next book to be released, but I screwed that up when I bought "The Fourth Wing" and "Iron Flame" by Rebecca Yarros on a whim. When I bought these, I didn't realize that the next book isn't even written yet. Now I have to wait until next YEAR! Ouch!


My Tracking System

I can't do anything about the books that I've read that I don't remember, but I can do something with what I have on my bookshelf now that I know I've read and haven't read. I use Microsoft Word to keep track. Lame, I know. Some people have a real love-hate relationship with Microsoft Word. There are probably much better ways or programs out there to track. Goodreads is a good way, too, but it would take me a long time to get every single book in there. For now, Word is going to have to do. I like the clean and crisp way I can organize it, and I know enough about it to know how to manipulate it. Microsoft Excel would probably be better, but I shudder at having anything other than NUMBERS tracked in Excel. I use Excel for my sales and inventory for MY books, not other authors. If you're asking wondering to yourself if I put my own books in my library of books I've read, I laugh . . . no. I only track other authors in my library of books.


The good thing about my little Microsoft Word system is that if I get rid of any, I have it noted that I read it. Another good thing is, if I ever have anything catastrophic happen (fire, tornado, who knows what else) I have a record of all the books I had because I keep a backup on a USB drive. Not that insurance would pay much for used books, but when I say I have a lot of books, I'm not joking around. I have six bookcases plus books in my desk hutch and on my dresser in my bedroom. I'm sure my husband loves having books everywhere. His fault for marrying an avid reader, then convincing her to become an author. 😊

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